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"The supposed great misery of our century is the lack of time" John Fowles

Please help us to save some time - below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we receive by email:

1.  Can you do an event at our pub/bar/bottleshop?

Unfortunately not.  What makes the UK beer scene great is the divergent venues selling great beers and the people working their arses off in them. We started our Odyssey setting up, and working in, our own bar, so we do appreciate this.  However, our tiny size and very busy brew schedule means we just cannot agree to any events beyond those already agreed to this year.  We have no staff to send in our place or to run things in our absence from the brewery.


We are small in both the number of litres produced and number of fermenting vessels and we also have extremely limited storage space.  All this means for TTO events we are not holding stock and we likely have only three or four different beers at any one time.  Our beer is all pre-sold and shipped as soon as it is packaged which keeps it fresh.


Speak to your local wholesaler about supply.

2.  Can we buy kegs and cans directly from the brewery?

Sadly this is not possible beyond what is offered through our webshop.  Size again dictates that logistically we need to use distributors to do the 'heavy lifting' of sales and distribution to bars etc, even though this narrows further any financial margin.  If we start making exceptions to this, the time we spend organising deliveries and orders beyond our usual allocations negates the benefit of direct distribution.


3.  Can I visit the brewery?



You know what's coming....Nope.  Sorry we do not have the facilities, or time, to welcome people properly here and we don't want you to have a wasted trip.



4.  Where can I get your beer from then, you awkward bunch?



Distributors around the UK and Europe - speak to your local wholesaler and ask if they stock our stuff.  Cans are available on our webshop from time to time for retail sales, as is merchandise.  



5.  You just enjoy saying no don't you?

Of course not! Mitchell's grumpiness is legendary in Herefordshire, but he's really just a bear headed softie.  Apparently.

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